A network in your own home!
Would you like to have the ease of sharing your Internet connection throughout your house on all your computers?  How about sharing printers?  With a home network you don't have to start un- and re-connecting cables.  Not to mention you can share files from any computer to any computer.
I can come to your house and install a new network. It's one of my specialties.  Here are some reasons why you will want a network in your home:
You can share files!  You can back up data for everyone in your house!  You can share printers!  Of course, you can share the Internet!

On each computer, you can share files and folders for some or all users.  You can set security to allow some users to access certain files and/or folders and select other users to access other files and/or folders.  By doing so, you can create a single “storage" place for all your files, and this makes backing up your data much easier.  It is a safe way to back up your data without having to remember which PC has the most important info on it. Among other solutions, you can use your CD burner (or any other backup device) to this end.
You are regularly backing up your data, aren't you?  Please don't ask me to tell you one of the many tragic stories of data loss.  Along with computer networks come the ability to do network backups.

You can share printers.  There is not need to have a printer in each room with each PC.  With the advent of the wireless network, you can install an inexpensive device that will act as a wireless print server so that your printer will be available for printing at all times.
This leads me to the wireless network.  I can set up a wireless network so you can surf, print or perform any function from anywhere in your house.  If you have a laptop, you can chat, surf or do research from the comfort of your own bed or easy chair.  Imagine the freedom to move about your house, your garage or even your backyard and always know the Internet is at your fingertips.  With your wireless network you can print remotely to your shared printer in another room.  Naturally we will set up a security system, so that you can have the safest possible wireless network available at an affordable price.