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Apple iPod and iTunes

The Apple iPod is capturing the world. Everywhere you go you see people with an iPod, listening to music, audio books and any other digital sound you can create. In this 90-minute seminar I will take you through the wonderful, versatile world of iPods!

Firstly, we discuss the different types of iPods that are available. If you do not already own an iPod, the course talks briefly about where you can get an iPod and some of the accessories to go along with it. Additionally, the course covers what an MP3 is, as well as other sound formats. Then we talk about the iPod experience.

Some of the iPod experience will include setting up you computer for use with your iPod. Once detailing that, we go into how to use iTunes and put your favorite sounds onto your iPod. We will cover all the different settings and preferences in iTunes and how to efficiently save your sound files onto your iPod from MP3’s you may already have, and/or converting your CD’s to new MP3’s.