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Home Networking


Do you have two or more computers in your house?  Do you own a laptop?  Have you or your family members had to fight over who uses the computer with the Internet connection.  The solution is easy.  You can build your own home network.

All you need is a broadband connection (DSL or Cable Modem), a router, a couple of cables and two or more computers.  The idea of doing it is much more challenging than actually building the network.  Even better is that most home use routers come with built in wireless capabilities!

If you want a wireless network, it is still simple to do when you have some who can show you how.  I can show you.  After this seminar, you will have all the tools to go out and purchase the needed hardware and build the network.  In this seminar, we will build the network and ready each computer for network connectivity.

Home networks are not just about sharing your Internet connection.  You can share files from PC to PC and share printers.  Sharing files is a good practice as you can maintain a single repository for file backup.  If you have 4 PC’s in your house, you only need one printer.  We will learn how set up each PC to share documents, music and anything you want.