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Hands-On Excel I for Beginners

Excel I for Beginners

Microsoft Excel is program that can be used by anybody. In its simplest application, one can make a grocery or holiday shopping list. A more challenging, yet useful way to use Excel would be to track and calculate your gas mileage. In this hands-on seminar, the users will learn the simplicity and the power that Microsoft Excel can offer.

Dave The PC Guy will come into you facility and set up the user environment. I provide laptops so users can walk into the room, sit down and start learning. Each student gets a workbook personally developed by Dave The PC Guy.

At first, the class covers some basics about Excel. Discussed will be some of the common terms that users will need to know. In addition, users will get some background about spreadsheets. Some of the exercises covered are how to make a simple list to track groceries and creating a searchable address book. Then the address book gets a face lift. Here users will be exposed to some formatting to make their spreadsheet a little more appealing to the eye. Finally, the class learns how to track gas mileage and gas related expenses.

This hands-on course has had great success and the students who have taken this class have all been very happy with the knowledge they took away with them. Some training companies are charging a lot of money for courses like this one. This is a great value!