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How to Buy and Sell on eBay.com

This 90-minute seminar discusses a useful, important selection of the many facets of dealing on eBay.com. This course was introduced in 2004 and I have enjoyed teaching it in 8 different libraries throughout Nassau County.  The presentation starts with a discussion on why people use eBay.  There are many reasons to use eBay, not only to buy and sell, but also it is useful to estimate the value of something you may already own.
  Some of the other things touched upon in the seminar are the processes of setting up an eBay account and techniques on bidding and buying and selling.  Users learn how to better search for an item (or genre of item) and how to “Watch an Item” to make better-informed bids.  As far as selling is concerned, we discuss the steps for creating an auction and the fees associated with offering something on auction.
  One of the most important tools a person can use when buying and selling on eBay is the “My eBay” section.  You will learn how to navigate through the My eBay area to view all watched items, current buying & selling bids and other useful information. Finally we discuss how to pay and receive money on eBay and safe online payments.